Learn about the most successful and affordable treatment to combat Prostate Cancer in Mexico.

For Mexican and foreign patients:
Our treatment to combat prostate cancer consists of freezing the tumor while preserving nearby vital structures. This treatment avoids side effects such as urinary incontinence, erectile dysfunction, among others.

prostate cancer treatment

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Together against Prostate Cancer.

At Cryo Group, we understand the importance of each patient and are committed to providing advanced options and hope to those fighting prostate cancer with personalized treatment.

We have USA certified local doctors who are experts in this effective treatment. They have experience performing this procedure in the area and are dedicated in specialized treatment of prostate cancer and committed to offering the highest level of attention and care to each patient.



Treatment to combat Prostate Cancer used in the United States, today more affordable in Mexico.


CryoCare CS is a fully integrated, placement and treatment system designed to simplify cryoablation and allow unlimited flexibility.

Cryoablation is the treatment that consists of producing temperatures low enough to cause necrosis in the tumor, while avoiding lethal conditions in healthy peripheral tissue.

It works by two main mechanisms: (1) at the cellular level, through intracellular ice formation, and (2) at the vascular level, resulting in thrombosis and coagulative and ischemic necrosis thereby destroying the tumor.

It is specifically recommended for patients with prostate cancer since the percentage of patients without progression of the disease after treatment is high. In addition, cryoablation treatment reduces the most frequent side effects: urinary incontinence (15 to 28%) and erectile dysfunction (20.1%).

Benefits of Cryoablation for the Treatment of Prostate Cancer.

Cryoablation is certainly a promising technique and a feasible alternative in cases of unresectable tumors in the prostate.

The prostate cancer survival rate is of 5 years.


Why perform the procedure in Mexico?

Prices in Mexico are more affordable, we have an International Certified doctor specializing in this treatment and highly qualified local doctors. Also because cryoablation treatment has given impressive results, such as a substantially prolonged survival of prostate patients of 94.4%.


We work together with hospitals that have everything you need for your treatment.

Concierge Service

We accompany you at all times from the arrival in Mexico, during your stay, and return to your home


We offer you preferential prices in hotels located in the downtown area of the city and/or close to the hospital where your treatment will take place.

Transport Service

We offer you all medical transfers with trained personnel to guarantee your safety during your stay in the country.


It is a video consultation that is carried out through a virtual session, where we make you feel close to your specialist doctor.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Treatment:

Yes, we work hand in hand with the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS); Pemex and; the Institute of Security and Social Services for State Workers (ISSSTE). Consult the hospitals and cities that have coverage with the treatment.

We treat patients not diseases, so prices will depend on the particular case of each patient. For a budget we need to have the details of the case, through its medical studies. Our treatments are covered, without additional cost, by all Private Health Insurance companies.

Any major international and national Private Health Insurance companies.

Our corporate is located in the State of Mexico, but our services to treat prostate cryoablation with an Internationally Certified doctor are in Monterrey. With national doctors (Mexico) you can be treated in the main cities of the country.

At the moment you are informed that you have prostate cancer treatment you should know the following points:

Almost all prostate cancers are adenocarcinomas. These cancers develop from glandular cells (the cells that make the prostatic fluid that is added to semen).

There are other types of prostate cancer that are not as common as:

small cell carcinomas

Neuroendocrine tumors (other than small cell carcinomas)

transitional cell carcinomas


You can know it in your imaging study (computed tomography or magnetic resonance). Pancreatic cancer can metastasize to distant sites such as the seminal vesicles, lymph nodes, bone, or other organs.

You can know that in your Multiparameter Magnetic Resonance Computed Axial Tomography (CT).

These are the stages of prostate cancer:

Stage 1: The tumor is in one half or less of one side (right or left) of the prostate

PSA (prostate specific antigen) level less than 10.

Stage 2: The tumor can be felt during a digital rectal exam or seen with an imaging test, such as a transrectal ultrasound. Also, the tumor is found on one half or less of only one side (right or left) of the prostate.

The cancer has not yet spread outside the prostate.

The PSA level is at least 10, but less than 20.

Stage 3: Cancer has spread outside the prostate and may have spread to the seminal vesicles, or has spread to other tissues near the prostate such as the urethral sphincter (the muscle that helps control urination), the rectum , bladder and/or to the wall of the pelvis. The PSA can be of any value.

Stage 4: The cancer has spread to other parts of the body, such as distant lymph nodes, bones, or other organs. The PSA can be of any value.

-Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA).

-Multiparametric magnetic resonance.

-Image fusion prostate biopsy.

Yes, any national and international Private Health Insurance covers our services.

Urologists: surgeons who treat diseases of the urinary system and the male reproductive system (including the prostate)

Radiation oncologists: doctors who treat cancer with radiation therapy

Clinical Oncologists: Doctors who treat cancer with drugs, such as chemotherapy or hormone therapy

Our great commitment is to improve your health. We accompany you at every step.


Our specialty: combat prostate cancer treatment. We offer comprehensive services for the diagnosis and treatment of this disease. We have an Internationally Certified doctor specialized in prostate cryoablation treatments, and the best network of specialist doctors in the main cities of the Mexican Republic and the most complete portfolio of internationally proven state-of-the-art technology for localized tumor ablation.

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We are CRYO Group, a company specialized in worldwide proven technology for the treatment of Prostate Cancer.